Andrew Gott

About Me

Hello, my name is Andrew Gott. I graduated Desert Vista High school in 2011 and am now attending Scottsdale Community College studying Film Production. I've been working in video for over 7 years. I've made a wide selection of videos such as volleyball highlight videos, basketball, choir concerts, volleyball promo videos, and weddings. I work with my assistant cameramen Jacob Burress and Connor O'Gorman.

Need a Video?

Welcome to Gottcha Productions! We'll take care of all your video needs, whether it be a video for a school event or a recruiting highlight video to send to colleges, we've got you covered.

Why Choose Us?

The videos we produce utilize professional camera work. We take pride in our steady and dynamic shots. The organization of our videos are straightforward and easy to follow. The characteristic that sets us apart from other professional companies is the fact that we're much cheaper! So if you're looking for high quality, professional looking, and cheaper video, why not choose us?